Coders in UA

Experienced and well-structured team with very wide area of expertise (10+ years) is available for long-term hiring and/or complex projects implementation. We have specialists of different areas covering all stages of the software development. All groups have a proper structure. The hierarchy and roles are clearly defined and properly distributed among the team members. So, our team is well-organized the work on different complex tasks.

Organized team, daily reporting, project management system, complex long-term projects development/testing and support.

Primary areas of expertise


  • Establishing LLC from very beginning + full life-cycle LLC support incl. company bookkeeping/accounting and reporting to authorities
  • Full life-cycle freelancer-as-PE support
  • Drafting FEA contacts adapted for UA legislation
  • HR: Recruiting and Developing Talents (hard/soft skills), Health and Safety of Employees, Employee Record Keeping, Regulatory Compliance and Legal Management
  • Agile, Kanban, Scrum, devops
  • Team of like-minded people


  • Digital media analysis/processing (image/video/audio/data)
  • Digital signal processing
  • Computer graphics
  • Low-level programming
  • Reverse engineering
  • Code optimization
  • Desktop applications (primary Windows OS)

Projects (small to enterprise scale)

  • Internal multi-office time management system (web + native clients + API links to Kayako/Teamcity/OnTime + reports generating)
  • Low-level real-time multimedia processing (video, audio, data)
  • Low-level network and protocols ( UDP, TCP/IP, RTP/RTSP, IGMP )
  • High-level applications with rich UI (native)
  • Integrations and customization (Visual Studio plugins, MSBuild, TeamCity, Subversion, GitLab, GitHub, etc)
  • Established development workflow covering entire software life-cycle
  • Technical customer support of 2nd and 3rd level
  • Working with helpdesk systems, on-site visits, remote sessions, 24/7 coverage, English/Russian/Ukrainian, voice support and installation/training sessions

Technical documentation

Creating user manuals/API/brochures from scratch, WEB, In-Design, Git workflows for managing changes, Adobe Creative Suite, English/Russian/Ukrainian

Quality Assurance

Manual testing, planning, design and test execution, web-based test case management software, quality of development processes



C/C++, C#, .NET/XAML, HTML5/CSS3, Java, TypeScript, Python, bash, PowerShell, Assembler (MMX/SSEx), reverse engineering etc


MySQL/MariaDB, MS SQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, memcached, etc


ATL/WTL, STL, Boost, Win32, WCF, WPF, Wix, ActiveX, Entity Framework, Angular, etc

Media API

DirectX, OpenGL, etc

Network/system administration

Advanced networking for small and middle size companies including: DHCP, DNS, Routing, PPP, VLAN, Security and Firewall, VPN tunnels (EoIP, GRE, IPIP) and PPP (PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN) IPSEC, MultiWAN, Load balancing and Failover, QoS, Traffic shaping, Advanced Routing and Configuration, OSPF, Advanced Scripting, CAPsMAN, SIP

Windows world : WS2012/2016/2019 AD with multiple-domain controllers/replication, DFS, DNS, Exchange+DAG, VPN, etc

Linux world : Ubuntu/CentOS

Deep experience with installation and maintenance of: Windows Server (starting from NT4 Server), Ubuntu (8.04..19.04), Kali, Apache/nginx, SVN, git, GitLab, mail servers (postfix/dovecot/RedMail/Modoboa), collaboration servers (JIRA/Confluence/Zentyal/Alfresco/OnlyOffice), ownCloud/nextCloud, Redis RabbitMQ, MySQL/MariaDB, FTP/FTPS, Let’s Encrypt

Auto-Backups : Veeam/Nakivo/custom scripting

Virtualization/clouds : Hyper-V, ESXi, DigitalOcean, Hetzner, AWS

Monitoring : Nagios/Zabbix + Telegram bots, ELK, Grafana, Graylog etc

IT services support : GGLPI+OCSng, JIRA ServiceDesk

Certificates : MTCNA, MTCRE, MTCWE

Additional information and code samples are available on request


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